We welcome all couples who are preparing for their upcoming wedding, and ask that you contact the parish office, at the very least, six months before your wedding to schedule an appointment. This is even more critical if you plan to have your wedding in another country.

Damos la bienvenida a todas las parejas que se están preparando para su próxima boda, y le pedimos que se ponga en contacto con la oficina parroquial, por lo menos, seis meses antes de su boda para programar una junta. Esto es aún más crítico si planeas tener tu boda en otro país.

Couples who have begun their wedding preparations may use the following forms and documents for their planning:

Wedding Guidelines
Diocesan Marriage Workshops
Wedding Checklist
Photography & Video Guidelines
McLean County Marriage License Info
Wedding Liturgy Form
         Email this form to the priest or deacon with whom you are working,
or return to the Parish Office with your license at least the week before your rehearsal.
Wedding Readings:
Old Testament Reading
Responsorial Psalm (choose only if this will not be sung)
New Testament Reading
Lecturas en espanol
Wedding Program Basic Frames:
Ceremony only