Wedding Guidelines

1. The Diocese of Peoria requires all couples to attend 2 workshops, one from Part 1 and one from Part 2. No exceptions will be made; if couples are unable to schedule both workshops, the wedding date will be postponed until both workshops are attended. If a couple lives outside the Diocese of Peoria and travel to the workshops would be burdensome, it is permissible to attend the workshops their own diocese normally requires.

2. Please have the ushers, groomsmen and others, if necessary, help with cleanup after the ceremony, so that things will be in order in time for the Saturday evening Mass. This includes returning chairs to their places, gathering remaining programs, throwing away any trash left, removing anything else the wedding party has brought with them, and sweeping up anything that has fallen onto the floor. Decorations may be retrieved later if needed, but any decorations left the Monday following the wedding will be discarded.

3. While some couples may wish to use musicians and/or singers other than those from St. Mary’s, every couple is still asked to contact the organist provided regarding music policies at St. Mary’s. Keep in mind when choosing music that it must not be secular (i.e. “Here Comes the Bride,” Mendelssohn’s Wedding March, etc.), but speak of religious themes—most appropriately Christ’s work and presence in your upcoming marriage and vows. No pre-recorded music is allowed.

4. No furniture in the entire altar area may be moved unless first discussed with the priest celebrating your wedding. This includes candle holders and chairs.

5. Nothing may ever be placed on top of the altar itself, including flowers. If you will be having a unity candle, a stand will be provided near the altar for it. Please advise the florist of this if needed.

6. Please give any photographers and videographers the guidelines sheet provided.

7. No alcohol is allowed anywhere on the premises at any time, both the evening of the rehearsal and the day of the wedding.

8. Anyone involved in the wedding liturgy in any way should be present at the rehearsal. This includes all parents, readers, ushers and everyone in the wedding party itself. Anything that might have the potential to distract from the sacredness of the liturgy (i.e. wagons, bagpipes, etc.) will not be permitted; if in doubt, please ask before planning these.

9. All weddings are scheduled on Saturdays at 1:00 or earlier. Pictures may be taken any time up until the time the wedding begins. If a funeral is scheduled the morning of the wedding, the wedding party may arrive immediately afterward for pictures, etc. All pictures must be taken and everything cleaned up after the wedding by 3:00 (when confessions begin). If you do not think all of your pictures can be taken by 3:00, please plan to have the majority of them taken before the ceremony.

10. The minimum offering to the church is $600 for current parishioners and $800 for non-parishioners. It is also customary to offer a gift to the priest or deacon who celebrates your wedding, and to ask your accompanist what fee they charge.