Confirmation for Teens

Confirmation is scheduled for March 15, 2021.
Click on the links below for information about your child’s online retreat on January 24, 2021. We are also mailing a hard copy of these letters to your home address for easy reference.  Please contact the Faith Formation Office at if you have any questions. An invoice for the $15 retreat fee and $15 or $5 robe fee for Confirmation will be included in the mailing.  Outstanding tuition will also be shown.  Please plan on paying this invoice no later than February 28, 2021, but preferably before February 15. Your child must send a letter to Fr. Greg requesting to be Confirmed no later than January 31, 2021.  Information about what is to be included in this letter is in the booklet “Celebrating the Sacrament of Confirmation” at St. Mary’s Catholic Church, on the pages listing “Confirmation Preparation Requirements”, section VI, “Letter Requesting Confirmation”.  Please make sure the requirement is completed by January 31.  Letters can be emailed to the Faith Formation Office, or dropped off in the black mailbox at 601 West Jackson Street.

Parent requirements:

  • Register as members of St. Mary’s Church.
  • Register with the Religious Education Office.
  • Provide a copy of your child’s baptismal certificate.
  • Attend Mass regularly for at least three months.
  • Attend the two required sacramental preparation meetings.
  • At the meetings you will receive information about the Confirmation Rites.
  • Complete the parent/teen lesson packet at home.

Teen requirements:

  • Must be enrolled in Seventh Grade or above and already baptized
  • Attend all Religious Education Classes (CCD) or St. Mary’s Parish School for two (2) school years.
  • Complete classes and service projects.
  • Complete the parent/teen lesson packet at home.

Confirmación para adolecentes :

Padres de Familia :

  • Deben estar registrados como miembros de la Iglesia de Santa Maria.
  • Registrarse en la Oficina de Educación Religiosa.
  • Proveer copia del certificado de Bautizo de el niño(a).
  • Asistir a Misa regularmente y por lo menos tres meses antes.
  • Asistir a dos juntas requeridas para la preparación Sacramental.
  • En las juntas recibirá información acerca el Rito de la Confirmación.
  • Completar el paquete de lecciones para padres/niño(a)s en casa.


  • Debe enlistarse en Séptimo Grado o más y ser Bautizado.
  • Atender a las clases de Educación Religiosa (CCD), ó a la Escuela De Santa Maria desde Septiembre hasta Mayo.
  • Completar las clases y los proyectos de la clase.
  • Completar el paquete de lecciones para padres/adolecente en casa.