Winner Everyday Raffle

buy_tickets_greenOur Winner Everyday Raffle has been a steady source of funding for our parish over the last 30 years, raising a total of $1,709,900 and continues to be the largest fund raiser for the church and school. Last year we grossed $44,352. We continue to offer the opportunity to pay online as well as with a credit or debit card; you may also call our office to give us this information or use our parish app. Everyone gets 365 chances to win for each $20 ticket. We will give $900 on Easter, $500 on the feast days of Mary (Jan.1, March 25, Aug. 15 and Dec. 8), $50 on the 15th of each month, $100 on the last day of each month, and $20 all other days. The seller of the winning ticket on the 15th of each month gets $25, and everyone who sells 25 or more tickets will receive a $50 cash rebate.  If you buy your ticket online, you are still responsible for turning in a paper ticket marked “paid online.” 
This year we will have our Early Bird Drawing on December 15, where those who sell 6 or more tickets will have a chance to win $50.  If you weren’t able to participate in the raffle last year, we ask that you try your best to be a part of it this year. Even if you aren’t able to sell tickets, we also welcome a good will offering in lieu of tickets sold. This is an easy way to help contribute to the stewardship of our parish that has had proven results through the years. To everyone who has participated in so many ways in our raffle in the past, thank you once again for your efforts!