Dear Brothers and Sisters,
May the Lord give you peace!

We are now ready to collect the supplies for our annual donation to the Logan Correctional Center. Dates for the collection will be November 12 thru November 21. They have a new warden so they are again allowed to have their “clothes closet” for them to get clothes to wear as they are discharged from the Correctional Center.  Please bring in to the donation boxes at the church:
toiletries (travel size) toothpaste, women’s clothes, especially larger sizes, shoes and coats and jackets.  We are also able to bring unwrapped Christmas treats for children for their Christmas party with their mothers.  We are asked to always remember that those who are in prison not to be forgotten.  Remember the touching scene of Pope Francis blessing the men in the prison on his tour in the US in 2015?  For more information, please contact Linda at 309/663-4429.
From John 15:12 “This is my commandment: love one another, as I have loved you.”
Linda, minister, ofs