Children’s Liturgy of the Word

Children’s Liturgy of the Word (CLW) is a program in which the Sunday scripture readings are read and explained on a level appropriate to children in grades 3 year Pre-K thru 6th (12 years) grade.

  • A special section of the Parish Hall is prepared for the Liturgy with a banner, table, candle, Scripture, chairs, etc.
  • After a brief Welcome and Opening Prayers (Penitential Rite & Creed), they will listen to the First Reading, a Psalm and Second Reading, then they stand for the Gospel Acclamation and the reading of the Gospel by one of the adult leaders. We then have a moment of age-appropriate reflection on the Word shared by the leaders through stories, discussions, or pictures to convey the meaning of the Scriptures. The children are then invited to share their own thoughts and ideas.
  • Following this, the children that are making their 1st Communion this calendar year or who have already made their 1st t Communion will return to Mass and rejoin their families after the Homily during the Presentation of the Gifts. The younger children will remain in the Parish Hall for the remainder of mass, here they will participate in a craft and have a small snack (if parents of younger children wish for their child to return to Mass for the Liturgy of the Eucharist, please advise the CLW Team so they can bring your child up with the older children).

This program is available at the 9:00 am Sunday Masses from September through Palm Sunday. Any child in this age group may participate – no registration is necessary. All Children’s Liturgy classes will be held in the Parish Hall (church basement).

How can you help?

  • Volunteer helpers are always welcomed and appreciated (this includes adults or teens)
  • Teens can get volunteer hours for helping
  • Supply donations (snacks, markers/colored pencils/crayons, craft supplies, Christmas Program costume supplies)

Please contact Jessica Kruse (309) 261-0273 or email

***Please note the continuation of the CLW program and the Christmas Program are contingent on participation and student attendance***

Sept. 9: CLW starts
Sept. 16: CLW
Sept 23: CLW
Sept 30: CLW
Oct 7: CLW
Oct 14: CLW
Oct 21: CLW
Oct 28: CLW
Nov 4-18: CLW: Christmas Program Practice (Parish Hall—ATTENDANCE MANDATORY)
Nov 25: NO CLW
Dec 2-23: CLW: Christmas Program Practice (Parish Hall—ATTENDANCE MANDATORY)
Dec 23: 2:30 pm **Additional Practice in Church Sanctuary—ATTENDANCE MANDATORY
Dec 24: CLW Christmas Program 4 pm mass (program starts at 3:40), arrive early 2:30 for costumes
Dec 25: NO CLW (Christmas Break)
Dec 30: NO CLW (Christmas Break)
Jan 6: NO CLW (Christmas Break)
Jan 13: CLW
Jan 20: CLW
Jan 27: CLW
Feb 3: CLW
Feb 10: CLW
Feb 17: CLW
Feb 24: CLW
Mar 3: CLW
Mar 10: CLW
Mar 17: CLW
Mar 24-31: NO CLW (Spring Break)
April 7: CLW
April 14: LAST CLW (Palm Sunday)
NO CLW (Easter & start of summer break)